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Wonon LED Lighting Limited

It is an ISO:9001 certified LED lighting developer & manufacturer. Our passion lies in providing highly efficient but affordable LED lighting satisfying the varied needs across multiple sectors. Our product range includes Poultry Farm LED Lightings, Custom Agricultural LED Lightings, LED Modules and module based Streetlights, Floodlights & Highbays.


Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing unit is spread over an area of 6000 square meters and has a massive capacity which enables us to produce a quality range of lightings and undertake bulk production in case of urgent orders.

Excellent Team

We possess a proficient workforce comprising of knowledgeable engineers, experienced technicians and skilled labors.

Custom Development

We incorporates expertise in identifying intelligent solutions for a wide range of integration issues.To accelerate the product realization, our inventive development engineers work professionally in mechanical, electrical and optical design. Moulding and performance tests are applied efficiently in the development stage.

Supplier Relationship

Establishing mutually healthy relationships with core suppliers, we keep the cost for the customers down and reduce issues with quality and delays in supply chain. As trust develops with them, more market feedback and new ideas passed between us. This allows us to provide more strategic suggestion on lighting for customers.

Customer Responsiveness

We are devoted to recognize and respond to specific customer needs promptly. We value our customer and give them undivided attention by matching not only the right product or service but also addressing the total need during our encounter. At the same time, we understand the importance of fast delivery to our customers. As a result, to pursue reasonable short lead time is a policy that carried on all orders.

Convenient Transportation

We're located in pearl river delta area of Guangdong Province, southern China.Goods can be efficiently transported worldwide via the surrounding international hubs Shenzhen, Guangzhou and HongKong. Several influential lighting fairs are held in this area annually. The one-hour intercity circle enable people to reach us with great convenience.


Premium Quality

Quality has top priority in our production. We ensure strictly the quality of materials and components before they enter the production process.We've been seeking continuous improvement all these years on quality control to provide the most competitive LED lightings to our customers.

Competitive Prices

We have good cost control system. Massive procurement let us have great power to maintain solid supply chain with reputable suppliers.From the very beginning of our LED lighting business, we aimed to supply affordable products to the market. Ensuring product quality, we try to reserve more profit for our customers. In the past few years, we established good partnership with many foreign customers by taking this pricing strategy. We're very glad to see that our customers' business grow continuously and win better market share.We do not avoid price competition. The core value of our pricing strategy is to let our customers obtain more reliable products and services with lower cost. We often communicate with customers for market prices. We are happy to receive price feedback from their local markets. Based on these information, we adjust our supply in coming orders to keep our customers the most competitive in their area. The successful experience tells us that our customers are very satisfied with the cooperation.

Product Uniqueness

Having an efficient and effective product development process, consistently applied, enables us to deliver high quality market-driven lightings that create customer value. Our products meet requirements of light efficiency, light distribution, waterproof and heat dissipation. They are cost-effective and practical. Inspired by our product uniqueness, customers create new products by upgrading some original features. Many of the specified developed products become hot selling items in their local markets.

Successful Items

Poultry Lighting: CFL-shape LED Lamps, Paddle-shape LED Streetlights, Various LED Modules, Module-based LED Streetlights and Floodlights and many more...


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